Dunedin, Florida Holiday Event Guide – Full of Seasonal Magic!

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[Updated: November 29, 2018] Can you believe the holiday season is already here?  As the end of the year gets closer, many of us begin rushing around to meet deadlines, manage extra obligations and yes, finish holiday shopping. Needless to say, things get a little hectic. Which is why we encourage you to make time [...]

Welcome back Blue Jay Fans!

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Welcome back to Dunedin for spring training, Blue Jay fans! There is a buzz in the air and it’s all thanks to fans of Major League Baseball visiting the area for spring training season. For baseball fans, you couldn’t pick a better place to catch pre-season games, as the New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh [...]

Dog Friendly Downtown Dunedin

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[Updated: March 20, 2018] Did you know Dunedin, Florida, is also known as “Dogedin”? After one visit to the delightful downtown area, it’s easy to understand why. Upon entering the town, you’ll notice several murals showcasing some of Dunedin’s most loveable furry friends. On the weekends, dogs make the best companions for Dunedin Farmer’s Market, [...]

You’ll get your money’s worth with our Panko-Crusted Feta appetizer

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We heard about a certain national chain’s mozzarella stick controversy. No controversy here; we pride ourselves on using only chef-selected ingredients. So you have no need to worry when you order our signature Panko-Crusted Feta (formerly known as Feta Alfresco) appetizer. There is plenty of real feta cheese inside the perfectly fried panko crust, and [...]

Salted caramel craving? Try a little cheesecake

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At Café Alfresco, we have one dessert selection that we change out every few months to keep things interesting and stay on trend. Our latest offering? Sea salt caramel cheesecake! The sweetness of salted caramel together with the tang of cheesecake make an inspired flavor combination, if we do say so ourselves (and we’ve had [...]

How about those craft beers?

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If you couldn’t tell from our ever-changing daily special menu rotation, we like variety in food. We also like variety in beer, so we offer a range of craft beers to change things up from the usual Budweiser or Miller Lite. Magic Hat #9 – Brewed at the Magic Hat Brewery in Burlington, Vermont, this [...]

Café Alfresco’s culinary resolutions for 2016

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What’s crazy: we’re already one week into 2016. What’s crazier: we’re one week into 2016 and we already crossed one thing off our New Year’s resolutions list. So what did we accomplish this early into 2016? We switched to using local produce. When Chef Jacob began working at Café Alfresco, one of his main goals [...]